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Bob Bob Cite

Having maintained and improved on the sound system in the company’s original restaurant BOB BOB RICARD, based in Soho. CP Sound were the obvious choice of company to look to when embarking on a new venture.

The new restaurant BOB BOB CITE was to be housed in the iconic Leadenhall building, right next to the famous Gherkin building in the city of London.

As per the original restaurant there is the now infamous champagne button, where essentially you press said button and a waiter arrives with a bottle of champagne at your table (who wouldn’t want one of those).

The décor in the new restaurant is glamorous to say the least and all of the brass detailing is buffed to within an inch of its life.

There are a multitude of booths and this is where the design of the sound system really came into play. To give each patron, the same audio experience it was decided that we would install one spherical speaker above each booth, so as not to cause any loud points anywhere in the restaurant, but just the same sound levels throughout. Some 61 in total to be precise.

The final result is one that we as a company take great pride in and the customer is also very happy with.

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