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Pier One Night Spot

Once again CP SOUND have found the perfect audio solution in the JBL range of speakers, combined with Crown amplification.

Having worked with venue owner William Lule for nearly two decades. It was obvious who he’d have to contact to achieve the result he wanted when he was looking to relocate his pioneering venue from Dalston—to an out of the way location which would not be as problematic in terms of noise as the heavy populated Kingsland Road—he found the site in a remote area of East London.

With a trained ear and a discerning clientele for the heady Afro Beats mix CP Sound’s owner was already proposing a JBL subwoofer “which would move the cone 3.5 inches”.

“But,” he continued, “in delivering such heavy bass we also needed to ensure there was sufficient top”.

With its 450 capacity the club is deceptively large. The main ‘Arena 1’ looks small in comparison with the annexe (dubbed ‘Arena 2’) but the piéce de rèsistance is the heavily used ‘Garden’ area at the rear, awash with decking and faux grass, designed and fitted by carpenter, Titah Kasujja (who is also responsible for the upholstery and much more besides). Even the enclosures for the subwoofers have been elegantly designed in decking, lined with rigid Baltic Birch plywood as specified by Colin Pattenden, making this a really practical as well aesthetic solution.

So what has the installer specified? Arena 1 is equipped with four flown JBL 5215/95 tops from the AE series, with a further two providing fills and pair of muscular ASB 7128 (2 x 18”) subwoofers. At the DJ booth a further JBL 5215 has been provided for reference monitoring.

Arena 2 has similarly encased twin 18” ASB 7128 subs and four further JBL 5215/95, while the Garden’s pair of JBL VTX F18S single 18” sub touring enclosures, with massive 3.5” linear excursion capability, show the same attention to detail with the decking which provides the cladding, and the four AE 5212/64 offer the required dispersion pattern. This is also where the portable DJ box plugs in.

All systems are run triamped and are powered by a combination of Crown XTi 1002, XTi 4002 and XTi 6002, with the latter running the subs and the XTi 4002 and XTi 1002 running the mid/tops and DJ monitor (while in the Garden, the the XTi 4002 runs the subwoofers in bridged mode).The amplifiers are housed in custom racks designed by Jamie Pattenden—Colin’s son, and a vital cog in the family business..

The system is processed and optimised by another Harman component, the dbx DriveRack® PA2.

Explaining the design rationale, Jamie Pattenden said, “We needed a bit less punch out in the Garden, hence the 12”, which is ideal. But the most important factor was to have the same horn driver throughout, for consistency in the top end. Getting it right for them was paramount as William wanted a very specific sound.” Everything has been set up analysed by a with a Neutrik analyser and Class 1 measurement mic.

It is perfect set-up for Pier One’s pool of four house DJs, as confirmed by William Lule who was first subjected to JBL’s powerful combo in a listening test at the HQ of Sound Technology, the UK and Ireland distributors. “The JBL sound is right up there, and we advise our DJs to play with caution,” he warns. “We knew what we were looking for … and Colin and jamie delivered.”

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