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Little Blue Door

Following on from the original pop up venture Little Yellow Door, is this the outfits second venue LITTLE BLUE DOOR.

The concept, much like the original LITTLE YELLOW DOOR is that of a slightly chaotic house party, with cocktails, loud music and dancing on tables, oh and of course a vending machine that sells Prosecco.

The venue is split into four distinct areas. The Living room, Kitchen, Conservatory and Study.

The décor is quirky and relaxed, with a mish mash of things and is supposed to imitate a friends flat, so much so, all the staff are known as flatmates.

The Living room is where the main bar and dancefloor (of sorts) is housed. The Kitchen can be hired as a private room on its own. The study is where you can shoot pool or play on old Nintendo’s, Sega’s or suchlike and the Conservatory, is a smaller area adjoined to the Living room.

Since we have done this installation another LITTLE YELLOW DOOR has opened (pun intended) and an little Orange Door is in the pipeline.

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